Rhona Bicette

Transformational Coach & Founder Of Self Help Hub 4 Women

Helping you channel your full potential

Hi I’m Rhona a transformational coach empowering women of 40 and over to change their lives and create the future they want. Helping them to embrace their situations and circumstances and analyse their life’s choices.

My Approach

Rhona is the founder of the Self Help Hub 4 Women 40 & Beyond a place where women can discover their personal development dreams.

Rhona has worked in with young people for over 16 years  working with vulnerable children with difficult background around and using psychology to help them to change their behaviour and reach their full potential in school.

Having  understood the psychology and behaviour of young people she has noticed that  the approach used for young people could also be  applied to adults

After participating in various mindset workshops graduating  from a  Mind Power Programme in  June 2021 and her previous life experience Rhona has developed  several personal development skills,  and she too has been able to change her life.

In this Self Help Hub Rhona is offing women the opportunity to do the same Live Life With Purpose, And Become The Best You that You can Be!

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