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The Importance of learning

Your ability to start learning begins as early as the fetus in the womb, and some may even ague it hereditary and begins with your great, great etc ….. ancestors before you have even been conceived . No matter where you believe it starts the truth is that through out your life it never ends . Learning does not stop when you finish school, college or university and does not only happen in the class room. The journey of life enables you to continue to acquire and learn new skills through life . If you look at the world of work , people are constantly sent on training courses, we learn to do thing like drive, swim and even the increase use of social media . So continuing to study no matter what the topic gives additional benefits to you on the journey of life?


Development Of the Mind Muscles

Eating health and regular exercise are used to keep their your body in good condition. You could compare the development of mind power to this; by developing the mind through study could be seen as a means of keeping your mind in tip-top condition. So could regular study give you great benefits?

The Power of Learning

Some say the more you practice a discipline the more skills and abilities you will develop in that discipline, thus this could mean that regular study can help with the development of your mind. It is very important that you should study areas that you enjoy and that are purposeful to you.

The Joy of Learning

Tnhe joy in studying in other areas that can make an impact on your day to day living is definatly the best form of studying as it can give you pleasure and satisfaction. By embracing the idea of Life Long Learning could be the key that could allow you to gain a more fulfilling joy life, and could also help your mental well-being. Updating your skills and knowledge could be enough to give you the life that you want. You can challenge yourself to improve in a business area and in your personal life. There are various resources available from books ,audios and programmes that can with continued study and life improvement so Be a Life Long Learner


Be Confident

Being  confident means more success, feeling better about yourself , more drive, and ambitions .

Having more confidence turns  your feelings of uncertainty,  fear, and worry into ones of certainty, enthusiasm and determination .

Build your confidence to  help you feel inspired, take on new challenges and welcome them without fear.

All things you may have been apprehensive to try in the past, you are now more willing  to do thus experiencing more success.

There are may ways to boost your confidence from being creative,  increasing your knowledge, working on your belief system and knowing what you what in life but to name a few.

Having Gratitude, Affirmations and Visualizations can also be very helpful.



Look for things that you are grateful for about yourself and your life and list them down, focus on the positive; however small it may seem. Be grateful for every little success, compliment, or step forward.

Being grateful allows you to see all the special things in the universe that you can be grateful for, from waking up in the morning to having a roof over your head.

This creates our trail of thought to be constantly positive  and leads to more positive thought – law of attraction. It can change your mood instantly form down and distraught to happy and excited.

Depending on your experiences in life especially if you are going through hard times it can be difficult to find things to be grateful for . Along with the aforementioned the are so many things outside our lives we can be thankful for

The Sunrise

The Sunset

The Stars in the Sky

The Moon at Night

The leaves on the trees as the seasons change

Fluffy Clouds  and so many more


Sit down and visualize yourself as a confident person. See yourself, having the body you want ,being with the family you want, dressed the way you want , having the business you want. See yourself as the person you want to be. Visualize yourself handling difficulties and finding solutions to any problems. See yourself knowing what you want, going after it and getting it. The more you visualize yourself as that person, little by little you will become that person.

Visualization uses your imagination to see something that has not happened yet

Going into your mind creating conditions and circumstances that you want to happen, projecting what you want see happen.

Note – You must only visualise in t the present or past tense See the colour ,sound, taste and touch, use all you senses and Make it real Now!


Affirmations are very inspirational and helpful when it comes to building confidence, the are short rhythmic , positive statements that you repeat to yourself over and over again. All you have to do is repeat it over and over again . The conscious mind will hear it and begin to think thoughts about it

By reading affirmations daily your mind will begin to see those affirmations as truth and your mind will begin to see you as a successful and confident person. Even greater way is to get success from your affirmations is to create the yourself

There are various resources available from books to audios that can help you develop  gratitude practices visualisation  and affirmation techniques

Be Happy

Don’t Worry

In has been argued by many that 90% of what you  actually worry about does not actually  come to fruition

Worrying only add additional stress to any problems you might have so  when you’re practicing happiness , learn how to stop worrying..

Start by accepting in the there is good and bad and sometimes you are going to have to deal with the bad , so there is no point worrying about as will happen anyway. Then learn to handle these negative situation take them head on.

Tackling problems quickly problems and solving them quickly helps to reduce stress and gives you an opportunity to. However sticking you head in the sand and worrying about it does quite the opposite.

So problems arise deal with them and don’t, avoid them and worry . That way, you’ll be a much happier person.

Happiness is a Choice

You can choose to be  happy at any moment, If you really want to e happy choose happiness because when you are happy that’s when good things happen to you and know you are not going to be happy all the time chasing after happiness can actually make you unhappy .

We have too may rules a restrictions about happiness and can be very rigid about when we should or shouldn’t be happy Sometime you need to just with the flow of life to be happy.


Happiness is Here and Now

Don’t wait to be happy after you have achieved something, make it a priority to be happy now. The tyranny of ‘when’. E.g. “I’ll be happy when I have lost all this weight or I’ll be happy when I have more money”. The problem with this is that the ‘when’ is sometimes unrealistic and you never get there or the ‘when’ is a achieved, as soon as you get there you move on and create another ‘when’ not acknowledging your achievements.

The solution to this is by changing the ‘when’ with a then, so instead of saying I’ll be happy when, say if I’m happy then. E.g “If I’m happy then I will be able to lose this weight”, “If I’m happy then I can start my business and make more money” Make happiness the prerequisite rather than the reward and you are more likely to be happy.

Be Forgiving

Holding on to bitterness and anger is unhelpful and unhealthy and can keep you unhappy. Getting stuck with anger tend to damage you more that anything, holding on to it only punishes you. That’s why it is important to forgive others and forgive yourself. Forgiveness leads to peace and tranquillity and even forms of happiness.

When forgiving yourself  practise self compassion

Mindfulness – The act of non judgemental observation with curiosity

Self Kindness- Treat yourself the way you would treat a loved one

Connectedness – The realisation that we all go through this

By releasing forgiveness and you can start to feel happy again.

There are various resources available from books to audios that can help you create better happiness techniques.

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